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My new passion ...

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... is all about crochet!

When I was younger I tried to knit a scarf for one of my plushies but I miserably failed. Actually it wasn't even the stitches that caused me some startup difficulties but the way of holding the needles and the yarn. At the beginning I knitted very loosely but from time to time it became more and more tight until I noticed and started to knit loosely again. After a plenty of rows my scarf got this wavy shape. I was so disappointed because it just didn't look good although I put so much effort in it ... So I gave up this knitting thing and never tried again.

Anyway - over the times I still love handcrafts and since I've remembered that I'm absolutely untalented in knitting I came up with the idea to crochet. So I bought myself two Amigurumi craft books for beginners. But how could I know? They use chart patterns ... in a book for beginners! o_O
I had no idea how to read them nor do I understand the explanations ... And I was like "Oh dear, bye bye wonderful world of Amis!", but I gave it a try and ... failed again. T_T

At this point I had to admit I suck at crochet, too, and it was fine by me. I told myself it was not necessarily learn to crochet. I can live with that. If I'm not good in handcrafting I should get better in my baking and cooking skills. =)

Since that time it's over a year and guess what? I can crochet now! And I'm not even that bad! \(≧∇≦)/

How came to give it another try? Because my sister was going to become a Mummy soon! I was so excited I really wanted to make something for the baby even there was a lot of time till birth. I searched the internet and found lots of cute crocheted baby clothes, toys and whatsoever! The baby should get all these goodies so I taught myself by watching youtube videos and it was sooo eaaasyyy! =D

I crochet at any given opportunity now, whether when I'm watching tv or when I'm on a visit at my parents house. I always have my yarn and hook with me. It makes me relax and I always get new ideas. I'm gonna blog about my creations soon, so stay updated! (~^_^~)v

Love, Nana

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