Montag, 24. Februar 2014

Yeah, science!

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Hi guys!

I've just worked with Windows Live Movie Maker for the first time to make a short stop motion movie for my biology studies. Never thought it's so easy (well, there were still some difficulties, however ;D). For this project I had to do some drawings and I haven't drawn anything for a long time. Also I've nearly forgotten how much fun it is! So I hope you will enjoy the animation!
Bye! ^_^

Dienstag, 11. Februar 2014

Valentine's Day: Hot Chocolate on Stick with Marshmallow Heart

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My Hon and me, we've been together for more than 6 years now. Every year we have managed to ignore the hype about the Valentine's Day and all the lovey-dovey couples. Indeed we've always spent the day together but never made something special. For us it's a day like every other day - but not this year ...

Two weeks ago he moved to Munich for a new job and for the first time we will be spatially apart from each other on Valentine's Day. Suddenly that day becomes important to me. Ain't that silly?

This is why I ended up with these bunch of homemade Hot Chocolate on Stick. Oh boy, there will be one lucky guy on 14th February! ^_^

It was my very first time making treats for Valentine's Day and it was so much fun that I have to share with you guys - so let's get started!

Required kitchenware:
  • cutting board
  • sharp paring knife
  • sharp kitchen knife
  • microwave-safe bowl
  • spatula
  • big ice cube tray (cube size approx. 3x3cm. I got mine from
  • skewer
  • 15 lollipop sticks

What you need to garnish your Hot Chocolate Sticks:
  • marshmallow hearts
I got mine from a local BUTLERS store for 1,99€ a bag. Don't they just look lovely? Almost too lovely to eat!

Hot Chocolate on Stick with Marshmallow Heart (makes 15 sticks)
  • 450g chocolate of your choice; here I used milk, white and dark couverture chocolate, each bar 150g
  • 1 vanilla bean
  • 15 marshmallow hearts

1. On the cutting board cut the vanilla bean in halve, length wise with your sharp paring knife. Scrape out all of the oily seeds from the inside and put them into the bowl.

2. With your sharp kitchen knife chop the chocolate coarsely and add to the bowl with the vanilla seeds.

3. Put the bowl into the microwave and melt the chocolate on low power setting in short intervals (about 30sec.) and stir between each bout of heat until it is completely melted.

4. Pour melted chocolate into the silicone ice cube tray. Use the spatula for help.

5. Refrigerate 30min.

6. Meanwhile, use your skewers to carefully poke a hole through the marshmallow hearts. Then carefully insert a lollipop stick through each heart. Try not to squeeze them too much.

7. After 30min. poke the lollipop sticks into the center of each chocolate cube.

8. Refrigerate an hour then pop the chocolate cubes out of the mold.

9. Wrap stick in plastic wrap or small cellophane bags, tie a ribbon around and they are ready to give away.

10. Keep sticks refrigerated until ready to use.

How to use:
Heat up one cup of milk (approx. 200ml) and add a Hot Chocolate stick. Stir until chocolate has dissolved completely.
Enjoy your cup of Happiness!

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