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Free pattern: the innocent big knit Pacman ghost hats

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Earlier this year I spotted the super delicious innocent smoothies in our supermarket and I bought one bottle of each flavor. We rarely have fruits at home because of the disgusting fruit flies. These smoothies are the best solution. They last longer than fresh fruits plus thereby I avoid fruit flies in my kitchen. ^_^ v
Since then they are my daily vitamin bombs. Mangoes & passionfruits and Strawberries & bananas are my favorites. They are so yummy and healthy!

But they are not only good for you, they also help charities. Maybe some of you already have heard about "The Big Knit", (German: "Das große Stricken"). It is a yearly campaign since three years which raised money to help the elderly stay warm and healthy over the cold winter months. For every behatted bottle of smoothie sold, innocent donate an amount of money to charities. In Germany the donation will go to the German Red Cross.

This is just a great cause - I absolutely must join! However, since I do not know how to knit, I crochet tiny little hats instead. These hats won't only help the elderly, but can also be used as egg cosies later! So grab your yarn and hook and make the world a little bit better!

Here is my free pattern for all the
hard-working helpers out there: 

  • yarn: pink for Pinky, red for Blinky, blue for Inky and orange for Clyde (I used Wolle Rödel Mille Fili Color-No. rosa 5910, rot 5902, pfefferminz 5918 and orange 5961)
  • 3.50 mm crochet hook
  • small amount of white and black felt
  • fabric glue
  • wool or tapestry needle
  • optional: stitch marker (you can use a bobby pin as a stitch marker, too!)

Stitch explanations and abbreviations:
ch chain dc double crochet
sc single crochet tr treble stitch
st stitch foll following
sl st slip stitch rem remain(s)(ing)
inc sc 2 in 1 sc rnd round 
dec sc 2 stitches togehter rep* repeat from
hdc half double crochet (X sc) number of single crochet in a round

Instruction for Pacman ghosts: Work in continuous rounds.
Beg: Begin with your favorite color. Start with a magic ring, ch 1.
Rnd 1: Work 6 sc in magic ring. Place stitch marker in first sc from beg of rnd, move marker up as each rnd is completed. (6 sc)
Rnd 2: Inc in each 6 sc around. (12 sc)
Rnd 3: Work *1 sc in next sc, then inc. Rep from *5 more times around. (18 sc)
Rnd 4: Work *2 sc in next sc, then inc. Rep from *5 more times around. (24 sc)
Rnd 5: Work *3 sc in next sc, then inc. Rep from *5 more times around. (30 sc)
Rnd 6-13: Work 1 sc in each 30 sc around. (30 sc)
Rnd 14: Work *1 sc in next sc, 1 hdc, [1 dc, 2 tr, 1 dc] in next stitch, 1 hdc, then 1 sc in next sc. Rep from *5 more times around. (48 sc)
End: Fasten off.

1. Cut eyes and pupils out of white and black felt and glue them together.
2. Place eyes under round 6 two stitches apart and glue them on.

***This is an original pattern by ©, 2013. All rights reserved. Please do not claim this pattern as your own. You may not in any form distribute or reproduce this pattern including images. You may keep a copy for your personal use only. Do not sell pattern and/or finished products made from this pattern without first obtaining permission from me.***

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