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Free pattern: Nameko Funghi Amigurumi

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Since the game was released I'm almost addicted to it. I waste precious time to harvest silly fungis. It's so ridiculous 'cause the game is so pointless but I just can't help it. It's fun collecting them all. xD Therefore it was an absolute MUST-DO to crochet my own Nameko. Have fun with the free pattern! ♥


  • yarn: beige (COLOR A) and brown (COLOR B) (I used Wolle Rödel Mille Fili Color-No. natur 5952 and kaffee 5978)
  • 3.00 mm crochet hook
  • fiberfill
  • small amount of black and white felt
  • small amount of black embroidery thread 
  • fabric glue 
  • textile scissors  
  • wool or tapestry needle 
  • optional: stitch marker (you can use a bobby pin as a stitch marker, too!)


  • MR = Magic ring 
  • ch = Chain 
  • st = Stitch 
  • sc = Single crochet 
  • inc = Increase 
  • inv dec = Invisible decrease
  • ss = Slip stitch
  • [  ] = Repeat 
  • (  ) = Total number of stitches per row/round 
  • F/O = Finish off

Instruction for Nameko

Work in continuous rounds. Place stitch marker in first st from beginning of each round, move marker up as round is completed.

Starting with COLOR A.

LEGS (make 2):
Rnd 1.  MR with a base of 4 sts.
Rnd 2.  [sc, inc] around. (6)
Rnd 3.  sc around. (6)
Rnd 4.  [2sc, inc] around. (8)

F/O and cut a 6" yarn tail for one leg and leave the second leg connected to your yarn ball. Use the 6" yarn tail to sew the legs together. Do this by sewing two sts at the top of one leg opening to two matching sts at the top of the other leg opening. After they are joined together you should now have 12 free sts around the opening of the legs in the shape of an 8.

Rnd 5: ch1, 2sc, inc, 5sc, inc, 3sc, sl st. (14)
Rnd 6: ch1, 3sc, inc, 6sc, inc, 3sc, sl st. (16)
Rnd 7: ch1, sc around, sl st. (16)
Rnd 8: ch1, 4sc, inc, 7sc, inc, 3sc, sl st. (18)
Rnd 9.-13: ch1, sc around, sl st. (18)
Rnd 14: ch1, 5sc, inc, 8sc, inc, 3sc, sl st. (20)
Rnd 15: ch 1, 6sc, inc, 9sc, inc, 3sc, sl st. (22)

Change to COLOR B.
Rnd 16: ch1, 5sc, 3inc, 8sc, 3inc, 3sc, sl st. (28)
Rnd 17: ch1, 5sc, [inc, sc] x2, inc, 9 sc, [inc, sc] x2, inc, 4sc, sl st. (34)
Rnd 18-19: ch1, sc around, sl st. (34)
Start stuffing. Keep stuffing as you work on.
Rnd 20: ch1, 6sc, [inv dec, sc] x2, inv dec, 9 sc, [inv dec, sc] x2, inv dec, 3sc, sl st. (28)
Rnd 21: ch1, sc around, sl st. (28)
Rnd 22: ch1, 7sc, 2inv dec, 10sc, 2inv dec, 3sc, sl st. (24)
Rnd 23: ch1, sc around, sl st. (24)
Rnd 24: ch1, 6sc, 2inv dec, 8sc, 2inv dec, 2sc, sl st. (20)
Rnd 25: ch1, 5sc, 2inv dec, 6sc, 2inv dec, 1sc, sl st. (16)
Rnd 26: ch1, 4sc, 2inv dec, 4sc, 2 inv dec, sl st. (12)
Rnd 27: ch1, [sc, inv dec] x4, sl st. (8)

F/O and sew shut. 

ARMS (make 2):
Starting with COLOR A.

Rnd 1: MR with a base of 4 sts. 
Rnd 2-10: sc around. (4)

F/O and leave an 8” tail for sewing. 

  1. Cut eyes out of black felt and glue them on (two stitches apart).
  2. Cut mouth out of white felt and glue it on. Use black yarn to embroider the "lips" onto the head.
  3. Sew the arms on either side of the body.

***This is an original pattern by ©, 2015. All rights reserved. Please do not claim this pattern as your own. You may not in any form distribute or reproduce this pattern including images. You may keep a copy for your personal use only. Do not sell pattern and/or finished products made from this pattern without first obtaining permission from me.***

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